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Unusual learning spaces around the world: Pick your classroom!

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Jun 20, 2013 4:40:00 PM

When you think about school and learning, what is the first thing that comes to your mind?

For most of us, school was a dull cement building with uniform walls, seats and desks, with uninspiring architecture and decoration.

Some students, however, have been luckier: From outdoor classrooms to imaginative transformations of existing structures or contemporary architecture, these schools around the world are thought of primarily as an active learning environment, that fosters imagination. In these schools traditional classes are matched with diverse activities.

• The green school in Indonesia is an International school, where students from different countries are taught in an open-air environment how to be critical and creative. The building is all hand crafted, primarily made of bamboo and ecologic materials, blending in with the surrounding natural landscape!


• In Camden, London, students have the opportunity to get a first-hand experience of the classroom of the future: It is a mobile classroom that can move from school to school, equipped with Information and communication technology, with a workspace for training in filmmaking and music.


• Transportable as well, but with an air of British tradition, the library of the Rosendale school in London is an old double-decker bus fully equipped with books and computers! The idea for the unusual reading space came up when the school needed room for a library, but there was no option for expanding the school building.


• The project 4D Pop Up is a visionary project created by the intersection of information technologies with traditional teaching methods: It is an inflatable space, equipped with the latest technologies, which enable projections of images surrounding the students, creating an all encompassing environment with changing music and lights. The space is customizable, depending on the subject of the class, and highly interactive.


• The innovative concept of Solar-Powered Floating Schools in Bangladesh is based on the necessity to provide students with uninterrupted schooling, even during the Monsoon period. The schools are equipped with high technology and operate on green energy. A great number of students and the community around them have benefited from this humanitarian project.

For the people who feel inspired to learn within an unusual environment, adapted to their personal interests and needs, luckily the options and combinations are countless. They can try tango and Spanish classes in Argentina, surf and English learning in New Zealand, cooking classes and Italian in Florence, music and German classes in Vienna… with a little search and a lot of imagination anyone can discover an unusual learning environment, which will provide them with an immersive learning experience.

And with that said, the beige graffiti-adorned walls of my old school have already become a distant memory. Bags packed, I’m looking forward to a summer adventure!

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